Refund Policy​

If you want a refund after purchasing cards from us, you can claim it under only the conditions below. Anything other than these situations will not be considered to be a suitable condition to give a refund

Assuming that the installment is in approved status and not got. All things considered, on the off chance that we haven’t sent the card yet, you’ll get a discount assuming your guarantee.
Assuming the discount is guaranteed within 3-7 days in the wake of getting the card.
You can’t guarantee a discount if the item/administration is truly conveyed.
Asserting the discount is legitimate just for explicit orders, not the entire pack that you’ve requested (assuming any).
For preloaded card benefits, the discount strategy will not be substantial. Be that as it may, now and again, we offer a half discount.
Just the cost will be discounted assuming the case is legitimate. No handling charge will be discounted
You’ll get the discount subsequent to actually looking at the subtleties. Thus, have persistence.
We consider discounts dependent on the request type.
Assuming you send somebody from the wallet, regardless of whether it is a mix-up, it can’t be switched.
Assuming you pull out assets from your wallet, they can’t be switched.
A discount will be shipped off your record reserve. We don’t utilize any installment technique to discount any sum.
A handling expense or exchange charge identified with the wallet will not be supplanted.

If you don’t understand any point, feel free to knock us. We are always here for you. Don’t dispute any transaction before contacting us. We believe in good relationships with clients. So, we try to keep away any misconduct between our clients and us. Your kind support is always appreciated.

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